Can You Reopen a Settled Car Accident Case?

Published on May 28, 2024 in Car Accidents.

You were involved in a car crash in Lexington, KY. This was your first time ever being involved in an auto accident, and you weren’t aware of how the way you feel immediately following a collision may be distinctly different from how you feel in the day following it. You also might not have been […]

What Is the Death Rate of Head-On Accidents?

Published on Apr 30, 2024 in Car Accidents.

Sideswipes and rear-end crashes have the possibility of being fatal. However, head-on collisions are the deadliest types of accidents on the road. What is the death rate of head-on accidents in Kentucky and across the nation? In this blog, we’ll look at the fatality rate of these deadly crashes. How Do Front-End Crashes Happen? A […]

What Is the Hit and Run Investigation Process?

Published on Feb 13, 2024 in Car Accidents.

Being involved in a vehicle collision is already stressful, but when the driver responsible for your accident leaves the scene before information is exchanged, it makes everything more complicated. Not only are you faced with damages to your vehicle and possibly injuries to yourself or your passengers, but there is no way to contact the […]

What To Look for in an Auto Accident Attorney

Published on Dec 7, 2023 in Car Accidents.

If you’ve been in a car accident, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the right attorney to represent your interests. Do you know what to look for in an auto accident attorney? Our experienced and skilled auto accident lawyers at Peterson Law Office can make a huge difference in the outcome […]

Teen Texting and Driving: A Guide for Parents

Published on Nov 27, 2023 in Car Accidents.

As a parent, the most important thing we want for our children is for them to be safe. With the unprecedented amount of time our kids spend on their cell phones, coupled with how many teenagers are behind the wheel every day, it’s hard to know if they’re really safe outside the house, especially while […]

Kentucky Uninsured Motorist Laws

Published on Jun 6, 2023 in Car Accidents.

Car accidents have the potential to cause a significant amount of harm. Even just a single collision can cause thousands of dollars in property damage and severe injuries, leaving victims with lasting financial, physical, and emotional damages. As motorists, we are required to maintain auto insurance coverage that protects other drivers and us in the […]

How Common Is PTSD After a Car Accident?

Published on May 12, 2023 in Car Accidents.

Being in a car accident is traumatizing and terrifying. It doesn’t matter how severe the accident is. Most of us already know—many through first-hand experience—that a motor vehicle accident can cause more than just physical injury. A high number of crash victims, both drivers and passengers, suffer lingering mental health complications like post-traumatic stress disorder […]

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What Are the Elements of Negligence in a Personal Injury Claim?

A lot of personal injury claims can become quite complex early on in the process and one of the main reasons for this is the need to prove negligence. Proving negligence caused an accident can be the deciding factor in the success of some cases, such as in a wrongful death claim, or if the […]

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How Are Noneconomic Damages for Mental Anguish Calculated?

Two assessments occur with any severe accident: Who is at fault, and what will the remedy be for the victim? That reward is where the concept of pain and suffering comes into play. Compensation for an injury encompasses physical and emotional trauma. It is easy to assess the medical expenses, but how are noneconomic damages […]

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The Importance of Safely Restraining Your Pet While Driving

When it comes time to travel on the road, you might want to bring along your pet. While having your dog, cat, or other animals roaming around the vehicle may seem fun, it can pose a great safety risk. Sometimes, animals behave unexpectedly when exposed to other vehicles, the noise of the car, or other […]

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