About Peterson Law Office

Peterson Law Office is a private practice personal injury law firm that was founded by native Lexington, KY attorney Justin Peterson. Prior to becoming a successful full-time personal injury attorney, he represented several of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, businesses, and trucking companies, both defending and evaluating their claims. Recently the firm partnered with the prestigious firm of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston to significantly expand their personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse legal resources.

This partnership has created one of the largest personal injury law firms in the state of Kentucky with over 200+ attorneys. That amount of legal experience coupled with our client-centered approach means our clients get the best possible legal representation without losing that personal attention.

With our main offices located in Lexington, KY, we are just a short drive for most of Central and Eastern Kentucky.

At Peterson Law Office, we work on a 100% contingency basis. This means that if we take your case, you will never have to write us a check for our services regardless of the outcome.

Learn more about some of our top attorneys in Lexington below:

Learn more about Justin Peterson, Founding Attorney.
Learn about Kellie M. Collins, Managing Partner.
Learn about Laura Jane Phelps, Lead Counsel.
Learn about Masten Childers, III, Of Counsel.
Learn about Thomas J. Whiteford, Of Counsel.
Learn about David Daneman, Of Counsel.
Learn about Charles L. Simmons, Jr., Of Counsel.
Learn about Michael W. Durborow, Of Counsel.
Learn about Aaron M. Oppegard, Of Counsel.
Learn about Madeleine R. Hamlin, Of Counsel.
Learn about Sarah E. Cooley, Of Counsel.
Learn about Adam W. Havens, Of Counsel.

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How Are Noneconomic Damages for Mental Anguish Calculated?

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